Why should you wear winter gloves

That time of year again…

It’s winter. There’s a frosty chill in the air and a bite in the breeze. You can feel it the moment you step outside. It chills you to the bone. A short walk from your home down to the local convenience store is guaranteed to set you shivering!

Heat loss through extremities:

Did you know that you lose most of your body heat through your extremities; that is, your fingers and toes? That’s right, so no matter how many layers of clothing you wear, no matter how thick your scarf is, it won’t do much good at all if your hands remain exposed.

We lose heat through our extremities because our bodies restrict flow to these parts in order to make sure that the vital organs – the heart, lungs and so on – remain at a safe temperature to keep us alive. When heat pours out of you, your body will want to focus all of its energy on keeping you warm so that the blood can continue to pump around your body in the way it needs to. Your body heat will rush out of your fingertips like someone just pulled the plug on you… and you’ll feel like someone’s pulled the plug on you, too. Low body temperature leads to loss of energy and strength as your body struggles to conserve what heat it has, leaving you no spare energy left to get on with your daily activities.

Exposure to the elements:

Your body is a great conductor of temperatures. That’s why putting your feet on a hot water bottle helps you warm yourself up on a cold night. But the reverse also applies: if you touch something cold, that cold will be conducted into your body. And the air counts as something you can touch! Cold air, especially if it is windy, will gnaw into any exposed part of your body and quickly lower your temperature. We’re all used to wrapping up in thick layers and warm coats and hats and scarves during the winter, but if you leave your hands uncovered they will conduct the cold temperatures in no time, reducing the effectiveness of that thick padded coat you’ve put on.

Water also causes your body to lose more heat than air, so if there is a lot of humidity or worse, rain, hail or snow, you will get cold faster. Raindrops and snowflakes, as pretty as they are to look at, will get on your skin and set you shivering! That’s why you should wear the best winter gloves.


And let’s not forget about the effect that low temperatures have on our dexterity. The cold wreaks havoc on our fingers, impairing tactile sensitivity and decreasing motor function. In other words, when your fingers get cold you can’t feel them all that well, and you’ll struggle to move them, as well. You’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to put a key in your door and fumbling awkwardly while you attempt to get your freezing cold fingers to obey you. Well, that’s because, as mentioned before, your body is putting all of its heat and energy into keeping your vital organs going… leaving little spare for your hands.

It’s a knock-on effect when you don’t wear gloves. First, your hands get cold. Then you lose energy as your body puts its resources into the parts of you that need it most. Because of this, your hands and feet get even colder and lose their dexterity and sensitivity, which makes it even harder to get around and do the things you need to do – including searching for the house keys that will get you back inside and into the warm! If the conditions are extreme, you could end up with a serious ailment such as frostbite – where ice forms under your skin.

And just think, all of this could have been avoided if you had thought to put on a pair of warm, insulating winter gloves before you started!