Why Children Grind Their Teeth

Why Children Grind Their Teeth

Understanding what bruxism is will be your first step to eliminating it from your life. Bruxism which is also known as teeth grinding is when a person clenches or grinds their top and bottom teeth across each other. Many people do this unknowingly while they are sleeping while others do it while awake.  Teeth grinding is very collective amongst children while they are asleep. You are probably wondering why this is more common in children than adults. There are ways to discover if your child is grinding their teeth in their sleep and also treatment plans that will assist you with stopping the problem before it becomes something more serious. Bruxism can lead to many other serious health issues that you simply do not want to put your child through.

The reasons children suffer from bruxism are very similar to the reasons adults also suffer from it. However, children are more prone to issues that cause them to grind their teeth.  Their teeth are still in the development stages which causes problems with the aligning of their teeth. Alignment issues are one of the primary causes of bruxism. Children tend to become stressed very easily depending on their home and school environment. It has been proven that stress and anxiety are also causes of teeth grinding. A child may have a big test coming up or some other stressful issues causing them to also grind their teeth while they are sleeping. This is causing your child more medical issues than you will want to put them through. If you suspect your child might be grinding their teeth, try to look for the warning signs such as stress or dental issues. They also may complain about a painful jaw. This will help to prevent further problems.

There also some treatments available for your child if they are suffering from bruxism. Your child’s well-being is of the utmost importance so making sure they are not stressed and are not depressed. If you talk to your child and they seem like they may suffer from anxiety or depression then make sure you seek medical advice and even a psychologist. If your child has problems with their teeth, maybe they are crooked, or they are missing a tooth, make sure to watch for the signs of teeth grinding. Regular dental check-ups will help prevent bruxism that is caused by issues with the teeth. If you receive a diagnosis, there are mouth guards your child can wear to help prevent further damage.

If you think that your child may be suffering from bruxism please seek immediate medical attention. You could be preventing other serious health conditions simply by taking your child to a dentist regularly.

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