What You Should Know Before You Book a Surf Camp

Do you just love water sports, especially surf and you plan to spend most of your summer on nice beaches with great waves for surf? Have you considered joining a surf camp? There are quite a few around Europe which deserve attention from your part and we know which they are. If you are not willing to receive some recommendations, we can share some tips and tricks instead on how to choose the best surf camp. Here are a few things that you should know before you make your choice.

1. Book a surf camp; don’t plan your own. By booking a surf camp you will have everything arranged by the staff, from transportation and food to accommodation, equipment and surf lessons. As a beginner, it will be complicated for you to make the right choices in terms of beaches so it is best to let this in the hands of experienced professionals.

2. Choose the right surf spots. It is important to make sure of the fact that the surf camp you end up choosing is in a good surf spot. You might not be able to judge this if you are a beginner but if you ask the organizers whether the camp is dedicated to beginners or experienced surfers, they will happily answer.

3. Wave consistency. This is a very important aspect to verify before you make a final choice. Do some research and find out whether the place that you are about to choose is one famous for wave consistency or not. What if you choose a place which can be out of waves for a whole week? Wouldn’t that be a complete waste of time and money?

4. Weather and water temperatures. A bit of research needs to be done around the weather and the average water temperatures of the spot that you are about to choose. It is recommended to opt for a country with a warm climate; otherwise, you might have the unpleasant surprise to realize that even though the waves are great, the water is too cold, so you can’t get in.

5. Objectives. Why are you choosing to go on a surf camp? Do you want to improve your skills, so the daily lessons are vital or it is just another experience that you wish to live? If your expectations from the camp are to help you learn how to properly surf, then you should choose a camp which has a very good reputation.

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