What you can Plant in an Aerogarden

It is amazing growing what you consume in your house, monitoring and taking care of them is a great experience. This is because you don’t add unnecessary chemicals thus it makes you feel some responsibility for your health as you have the power of what you take into your body.

An aerogarden is a fancy hydroponic indoor garden in which you can grow some veggies, some herbals and also some fruits. There is a guide on what you can plant in an aerogarden and how to grow it. you can also learn more at http://indoorblooms.com/aerogarden-reviews-buying-guide/

Herbs that you can grow in an aerogarden


Grow them in an aerogarden that has a high quality of light since they need more lighting of about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. They also require high temperatures of above 70 degrees for them to be healthy. They need little moisture since they are drought resistance and fertilizers and other chemicals which is the reason why they are better grown in an aerogarden as no chemicals are used. They also require regular pruning and some space to expand. This can help in choosing the right type of aerogarden.


This is a herb that requires a lot of water and nutrients for growth. It also requires a lot of warmth and sunlight which is the reason it can do very well in aerogarden since when grown in the right conditions it grows at a very high rate and can grow to a height of 24 inches.


This is a herb that requires more lighting and warmth. This is the reason why it does well in an anaerobic garden since there is enough lighting and temperature is appropriate. It also needs a lot of water which is available in aerogardens. When growing parsley you should start with seeds since it doesn’t do well when transplanted because it has a tap root that doesn’t do well if uprooted. This herb takes time to grow which can be fastened by an aerogarden since it fastens growth by five times.

Vegetables that you can grow in an aerogarden


Spinach does not grow into deep depth and can thrive with less lighting, they spread out thus need a wide aerogarden for them to grow fully and healthier. They don’t do well under much sunlight thus do very well as indoor plants where they are also safe from insects. More nitrogen which can be provided in an aerogarden as spinach require a lot of nutrients.


The require more lighting of 14 to 16 hours which is the reason it does very well in aerogarden as lighting is available even for longer hours.one should start with seeds when growing lettuce as they grow at a very high rate if provided with the right conditions. They require a lot of water and the aerogarden should be at least 12 inches to give them room for spreading, they also do well in low temperatures, this can be easily achieved in an aerogarden. More varieties of herbs and vegetables can thrive in an aerogarden.