What Water Filter Do I Need for a water filter pitcher

Drinking H20 daily is essential for maintaining a healthy body. But, have you ever stopped to think about the kind of water you are drinking? Not all areas of the world have access to clean drinking water. A water filter can be used to filter dirt and toxins and leave us with pure water. There are many filters on the market, so this can lead to some challenges when deciding on which filter is the right one for you. The right water filter depends on your lifestyle and needs. We have put together a comprehensive guide on all you need to know about finding the perfect filter for your pitcher.

There are various water filters to choose from. If you have ever stood in the aisle at a grocery store and asked yourself, “what water filter do I need for a water filter pitcher”, we are here to make the answer easier. Let’s take a look some of the more common filters: You can also click here to read more about this

Active charcoal filter

Charcoal is a safe way to filter your water. It works well at eliminating elements in water that create a bad taste or funky smell. The only thing to keep note of with charcoal is it is not able to remove salts or heavy metals. Charcoal filters are great because they are affordable and work quickly to clean drinking water. You will have to purchase a pitcher that works with charcoal filters, such as the Kishu Pitcher.

UV Filters

This filter is amazing for destroying harmful bacteria to allow for sanitary water to be available. A UV filter can be purchased in a couple different formats. For instance, you can buy a portable UV pen that can transform any dirty water in delicious, clean H20.

Ceramic Filter

Ceramic is a durable and reliable filter to purify your water with. They are typically cheap to buy and run for several years. A ceramic filter works best to eliminate bacteria from water and stop mold and algae from growing.

How do I pick the right filter?

Now that we have covered some basic filter options, it is up to you decide on which one will work best for your lifestyle. If you are on a budget, you may want to try a charcoal or ceramic filter, as they are affordable and hold their value. A ceramic filter is great but might cost you a little more than the others, although it is still quite affordable. When it comes down to it, pitcher filter systems are a great way to have pure water on hand. Whether you decide on the UV filter, ceramic filter, or the charcoal filter, you will be on your way to drinking tastier and cleaner water.

The Takeaway

Selecting a filter for your water pitcher does not have to be a challenging task. All you have to do is take your time in deciding which filter fits your lifestyle and wallet best. At the end of the day, investing in a water filter will ensure you are living a cleaner life.