What Cameras are used on Drones?

What Cameras are used on Drones?

Gone are the days when you had to hop on a plane to get the perfect shot from the air. With the introduction of drones, you can take videos and photographs from the ground. Besides, they enable you to capture images from a perspective that would otherwise be impossible from a plane. However, to get excellent pictures and videos, you need to invest in high-quality cameras. So, let’s find out the best cameras to use on drones to enhance your experience either as a photographer or filmmaker.

The kind of projects undertaken determine what cameras are used on drones but here are few options to consider:

GoPro Series

GoPro models above Hero 4 Black or Silver are ideal for excellent image quality. They also provide a dynamic range and any footage captured is less likely to suffer from smudging. Besides, they also enable you to manually adjust features such as exposure and ISO to avoid many blown out skylines in your footage. Also, you get the option of adding a lens hood to the camera thus preventing the glaring effects of the sun through the blades. You can pair it with a high-quality drone like DJI Phantom 2 to increase its airtime and maneuverability.

Mobius Action Camera

You would not want to weigh down your drone with a heavy camera, therefore, purchase this lightweight drone camera instead. With a weight of 1.4 ounces, you spend minimal time attaching to a drone, unlike other competitors. Further, it has a battery life of 80 minutes and can shoot 1080 at 30 FPS.

Foxeer Legend 2 UHD camera

If you are into racing, then this is the perfect camera for you. Its features include an image stabilisation device, a wide-angle optical lens as well as a highly sensitive and low noise back-illuminated image sensor. The image sensor enables you to capture perfect pictures even in poor lighting or in cloudy weather. This camera has unique features such as colour, sharpness, speed and many more. Besides, with its sturdy built of Pc, ABS and alloy, Foxeer Legend camera can withstand extreme temperatures and impact.

What factors to consider?

Whichever camera you choose, you should consider:

  • Field of view- a good camera should be able to capture a large area in a single frame but be careful not to get the fish-eye effect.
  • Frame per second- when you are a filmmaker, you should get a camera that has a higher FPS to get brighter and smoother videos. The ideal camera should have at least 60 FPS at 1080p.
  • Resolution- most people watch videos at 1080p. Besides, a higher resolution will drain your battery faster and need a higher spec computer when editing the files.
  • Crash resistance- Look out for a camera with built-in lens protection to protect the lens in case of a crash since the lens usually sticks out of the frame.


With so many cameras available on the market, you now know which the best are and what you should consider when purchasing.