What are the best times to take whey protein

Whey protein like any supplement is beneficial when you use them properly. Most people have no idea when is the best time to take whey protein, and they go about it the wrong way which ass a result leads to less efficiency muscle building and ultimately affecting their chances of reducing weight. So, this article aim is to offer some guidance on the best time to take whey protein.

What is Whey protein?

Before answering the question what are the best times to take whey protein, let’s understand some basic facts about whey protein. Whey protein is the bi-product you received when you are making cheese. Some people call is milk serum. It is generally obtained when water and casein are extracted from this bi-product. Whey protein absorbs very quickly to help your muscle recover, typically taking an hours after taking it to fully metabolize. So taking a scoop of whey protein it at the right time is critical.

The first thing in the morning

After a very long night sleep, your body starved of amino acid. This places your muscles in a breakdown state. So, this is the best time to take a fast acting source of protein. Whey protein digests fast thus it quickly delivers amino acids to your muscles that counteracting the overnight muscle catabolic or breakdown. Try and consume around 30grams of whey protein at this time of the day.

Before workout

Taking protein before a training session primes the pump. In other words, the protein starts the protein synthesis during the session rather than after the session. Taking whey protein at this time increases the amino acid delivery and uptake by muscles in training. A study published in medicine and science in sport shows that a single scoop of whey protein before working out increases calories burning over the next 24 hours. So, include at least 25 grams of whey protein before your training session.

After workout

Today, it is a standard procedure for athletes to consume whey protein immediately after their sessions. This is particularly because after an intense workout, you are putting your muscles under intense stress and nutrients are required for repair and growth. Whey protein, therefore, kicks start the recovery process. Because this time is considered the window of growth, many people choose to double their standard dosage which is fine.

Before bed

Consuming carbohydrates before bed is not recommended, so make sure you take whey protein one hour before bed. Your muscle recovered the most when you are resting, so it makes sense to maintain good protein levels so your body will have enough nutrients during an overnight breakdown.

While you can get protein from food such as fish, eggs, grains, dairy products and legume you won’t get is easier and quicker and it won’t absorb as quickly as whey protein. This does not mean it’s better than food, but it’s more convenient for most people. Whey Protein is needed to whether you are using whey protein to lose weight, build muscles, or recover from a training session, but make sure you take the right amount at the right time.