Ways To Maintain Your Sewing Machine

As a tailor or a professional designer, your sewing machine should be your best friend and so it should always be in perfect shape. A good sewing machine means quality work will be done for all your sewing and quilting.


Most tailors have little or no idea on how well they should maintain the sewing machine so that it will last longer while being used. You also want to maintain your sewing machine so that you have an easy time using it for your sewing tasks. Just like any machine, a sewing machine is only useful when well maintained!

Sewing machines come in different types, where you can get an electrical, a mechanical or even a computerized sewing machine. With each of these, you have to maintain them differently as their parts are different.

Sewing machines maintenance

Sewing machine maintenance practices can either be done either on a daily basis, before a task and even once a year. This will greatly improve the quality of work you produce. A good brand of a sewing machine that when maintained quite well will be easy to use is the Juki’s HZL F600.

For starters, you should always keep your machine free from dust. Dust is the worst enemy of any machine, especially electric ones. It will destroy the mechanical parts as well as the electrical parts and make it not perform its best.

Keeping away dust can be done by covering the sewing machine when not in use, a good brand of a sewing machine comes with a good cover. You should also dust the area where you use it to avoid it being exposed to dust even when you use it.

Replacing the sewing machine’s needle

Another tip is to regularly change the needle every once in a while if not frequently. You should also get needles that are appropriate for the fabric you are going to work on. This will ensure you have an easy time working and also that you get quality results in the end.

A basic maintenance practice is cleaning the sewing machine regularly like at the end of every working day. You can use a piece of muslin to get the dirt particles where they are hidden, a screwdriver is also important for opening the machine so that you get to those hidden areas.

Annual maintenance is also quite important as it will be used to check the condition of your machine. This is should be done by professional servicing providers specific for sewing machines. This is important as the machine will be subjected to maintenance that you cannot perform by yourself at home.

A good brand of sewing machine will probably outlive most machines because of its well-designed features that are easy to maintain. It also guarantees high-quality performance for all your sewing activities. A well-maintained sewing machine is all you need to up your sewing skills and you will be shocked by just how good you are at sewing.