Tips on How to Successfully Sell Your Custom Motorcycle

If you are planning to reinvent, improvise, and make some upgrades with your current motorcycle, that is great! However, if you are planning to sell it, that wouldn’t be easy, unless it is worth to invest.


While you’ll find numbers of custom motorcycles being promoted online to sell them, not all of the sellers are lucky enough to make a profit the first time they sell it, unless the custom motorcycle was built or rebuilt by a well-recognized custom motorcycle builder.

Fortunately, here are some tips, on how to successfully sell your custom motorcycle:

Tip #1: List up the upgrades

Do not just quote a price; you have to tell your potential buyers about the upgrades. Also, you need to be clear about what are these upgrades are for. Are these upgrades worthy to invest? If you are ready to sell your custom motorcycle you have to be specific and reliable.

When promoting or selling your custom motorcycle online, if it is an option to include images of the motorcycle and its upgrades, which would be a smart decision; this will help the potential buyers to carefully scrutinize your work.

Tip #2: Set the right price

If you have obtained the list of the upgrades or newly added features to your old motorcycle, then the next step is to set the right price. Make sure to provide a price with an accurate quotation. You should quote a realistic price. Most of the custom motorcycle sold in the UK market today usually ranges from £ 11,000 to £ 30,000, depending on the features, design, and the style of the custom-made motorcycle.

So, before selling your custom motorcycle, make sure you have set the right price; honesty is the best weapon in a competitive industry.

Tip #3: Gather all the essential documents

Cars and motorcycles are considered your assets; even though you have done huge tweaks on your old motorcycle – huge enough to consider it as custom-made – you still need to gather all the essential documents to sell it successfully.

These documents may include the proof of ownership, the details of finance, records of maintenance, services, and even the warranty. If possible, you may include insurance for a faster and easier way to sell your custom motorcycle.

Tip #4: Use a reliable third-party

If you want to sell your very first custom-motorcycle and you don’t have any idea where to sell it, why not use the help of a reliable third-party? At The Custom Motorcycle, you’ll be able to sell your custom motorcycle without having to wait too much for possible buyers. Its website gets numbers of web visits from possible buyers every day; so, selling your custom motorcycle through the help of The Custom Motorcycle would be easy – too easy enough that you’ll find a possible buyer in no time.

Final Thoughts

Selling a custom motorcycle is not that easy; however, with patience and right disclosure of features and price, reinventing, remodeling, and selling a custom motorcycle will be easy enough for you.