Things You Did Not Know About The Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drive

Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drive

Toshiba Canvio is a simpler made external drive with higher speed than the normal speed for storage devices. Transfer speed for both documents and files from and to the external drive is very high. It uses the 3.0USB and can stock data of between 2.8TB and 3.2TB.the device comes with already preformatted and works well with Windows requiring no installation of any software which gives you the chance to begin packing your files and documents in it. Toshiba Canvio drive is also compatible with old computers with 2.0USB.

The main things a detailed toshiba canvio hard drive review would reveal to you include:

High transfer speed

Since Toshiba Canvio hard drive is powered by 3.0 USB technologies, the moving metals of the HDD spin much faster than the ones using 2.0USB technology. This necessitates the drive if looking for faster transfer of files.

Simple for play and plug operation.

The device comes when it is ready for operation with Microsoft Windows and also does not require any installation of software.

Different sizes over a certain range.

Canvio is available in various storage sizes ranging between 2.8 TB and 3.2TB. Therefore, it provides the best solution for storing any required size of space for storing photos, movies, files and any documents.


Canvio is not only encased compactly and discretely but also it has numerous structures for prevention of any danger to your data. Internal wear which might result from the metals as they spin is prevented by a ramp load which is part of the disk and the data in the drive is protected by a sensor for shock which in case of sensing occurrence of physical stress in the drive, cuts the power.

Protection and storage of files.

When you are backing up files, music, videos, photos or the entire system you require a hard drive. Toshiba Canvio makes your best choice for that as it comes with pre-loaded software hence saving on cost and time which you could spend on purchasing the best and most suitable back app software. This makes backing up very simple.

Look and design

Toshiba Canvio external drive has a raw disk with connectivity of USB built in the canvio basics which is a TB2 instead of SATA to USB circuit into the work case. Generally, a movable complete Toshiba Canvio hard drive is built about 110mm long and 22.4mm thick.

The case is made from plastic with black and matt on the sides and a glossy top that is easy to close.


Sequential writes and read from and to is at 116Mbps and 115Mbps. The transfer of small files is 0.55Mbps for writes and 0.2Mbps on reads. This performance features are very similar with other drives which are portable. The Canvio works well with X OS resulting in a speed of 110Mbps and 15.7Mbps which typically makes a fair result. the features have similarities with other portable drives .

This drive is of great value if you are interested in something small, offering large storage capacity and a portable one, with great added features like free online storage. The device is quite cheap and allows transfer of bytes quickly. Lastly, since it is powered by USB, you need no power connector for it to work.