Things to Take Note of Before Choosing a Garment Steamer



It’s hard to argue against the convenience of using a garment steamer over the traditional flat iron. It’s like arguing whether using a washer is better than manual scrubbing. Both can get the job done, but one is obviously not as strenuous. Another obvious shortcoming of flat irons that steamers address is that an ironing board is required. With garment steamers, clothes can just hang while having their wrinkles removed by a garment steamer.

As good as a garment steamer is in general, it’s not a good idea to buy one without considering important factors first. It’s a simple enough item, but there are sub-standard products out there that can mar the first experience of using a garment steamer, ultimately convincing them with the wrong notion that ironing is still more practical. Here are a few pointers to remember when looking for a model or brand of garment steamer.

  1. Safety features included.

Using a garment steamer is obviously safer than using flat irons, but don’t let this notion fool you into thinking that garment steamers are absolute angels. There are horror stories of homeowners who, at least admittedly in their own shortcoming, forgot to turn of their device. Now, this doesn’t have to be a problem at all. This is because steamers like¬†¬†have built-in features wherein the steamer stops if there’s no more water in the tank. No dry heating, so no worries about the heat transferring to combustible materials.

  1. Intuitive settings.

Having numerous options for steamers is great. But where does it leave a person of the settings are nothing but numbers? The settings have to have relatable indicators such as the ideal fabrics used for that particular heat setting. It’s a simple design yet some models are still not implementing it, probably a lack of perspective from their users.

  1. Heat-up time.

In this day and age, it’s preposterous to ask of someone to wait for more than two minutes for garment steamers and flat iron to heat up. Even coffee makers are now equipped with fast heating elements to make sure their caffeine guzzling owners get their morning coffee in as little preparation time as possible. Same goes with garment steamers. Fortunately, even brands that are considered to be mid-tier choices can heat up to its indicated setting in less than a minute. But it’s foolish to assume this with every brand, which is why it’s important to ask about this specifically or perhaps look for item descriptions.

  1. Ideal for an intended use.

Not all garment steamers are made for the same uses. If there were a single device to answer for all workloads, it’d be great. But as it stands, hotels will need large garment steamers while homeowners will need medium ones. And travelers will want to be using a handheld. Obviously, as small as possible so that it can fit their packs. Anyone who has been on a week-long business trip understands the value of having a handy garment steamer along.