The Sad Endings to New Beginnings

People who are socially isolated may be at a greater risk of dying sooner, a British study suggests. But do Facebook friends count? How about texting?

New beginnings can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Finding the courage and strength to start over can be something that you struggle with for quite a while. There are some occasions when new beginnings take place because of something sad or tragic that has taken place. This means that you have been forced to make a change in your life even if you were not totally prepared for that change. Maybe you lost your soulmate or a family member and now you are forced to start over. It can be quite overwhelming but if you have the right level of support, you can do it.

Sad Endings and New Beginnings

There are many situations that should be considered exciting, but make us sad for one reason or another. The start of the New Year is always filled with mixed emotions.  It’s a little sad to take down the Christmas decorations and box them all up because it means the holiday have come to an end.  At the same time, it is also nice to have the house back to normal again, ready to start the New Year.  Life is like that.  It seems that in any situation involving changes in our lives there is the blend of both sad feelings and happy feelings. And if there is anything you can be certain of it is that life is full of changes.

Life is full of endings and new beginnings. And anytime we go through changes, or endings and beginnings, there is an incredible amount of emotion we deal with as we go through it, and I believe that sometimes we get afraid to express the emotions we are coping with to anyone else around us because we are afraid that they might judge us for feeling any sadness when we have something happy also coming.  Thus, many of us hold our sadness or fears in and try to cope with them on our own. Sometimes that works but sometimes it doesn’t, and not being able to express what we feel can cause us to become isolated, lonely, and withdrawn.

When someone passes away such as a partner or a family member, you are forced to start over in a way that you never thought you could. Making those changes can be very difficult and even very sad. At some point you will see the situation as a positive new beginning, but right now, it just seems hopeless and sad.


Starting over is not always something we long to do but something we are forced to do. Just hold your head up high and know that better days will lie ahead. You will eventually come out of it feeling better about your life.