The materials that are used in making projection screen

The projector screen may be made of different materials, but the type of material used may be chosen on the screen type if it is a front or a rear screen. With the front screen the projector is placed in front of the screen, but for the rear screen, the projector is placed behind the screen. For a rear screen, the materials must be transparent to allow light pass through. For temporary projections, most people use the front screen, but for permanent setups most preferred screen is the rear projection.


Here are materials used to make projection screens.

1. Projector screen paint.

There may be different materials that may be used in making a front projector screen, but one of them is paint. The paint resembles a paint used in painting house walls, but it allows a high contrast projection. Using a paint may be difficult for the builder to locate adequate space and a flat one enough for the screen space.

2. Inflatable setups.

The setups may be used for both rear and front projections, and it is available in different sizes and shapes. They are found in large sizes which are suitable for a big crowd. It is also simple to set up as all you need is a pump for inflating the device and then hammer it to stable ground. They are portable thus making them must prefer.

3. Blackout cloth

If you wish to get durable and flattest and most picture stable screen, then you should go for cloth-like material. This is one of the most preferred materials in the theater screens. These materials resemble the movie theaters cloths and may be cut into different lengths.

4. Billboard Tarps and Tarpaulins.

For a project with a tight budget, the vinyl billboards are utilized as they are used to provide large white area. Small tarpaulins are usually used for small home improvements projects.

5. Spandex.

This is one of the material mostly used for rear projector screens it may be stretched and used as a great portable setup material. The frame of the spandex needs to be made of strong material because it needs to be stretched. Some of the spandex come with a designed frame from the manufacturers.

6. Trapeze.

For individuals willing to spend lot of money for a rear projection screen, these are materials designed for rear projection setups. This is material manufactured by a company Dazian and is of high quality but very expensive compared to other materials it is also hard to find but worthy the search since end result is high quality projection images.