Stainless Steel Blade vs High Carbon Steel Blade

As you probably know, fixed blade knives are the strongest types of hunting blades. This is why most they are preferred by most hunters. They have a smooth edge and are not curved hence making it easier for you to clean them. When you want to buy a hunting knife it might not be easy to decide what blade material you should go for. This article will help you decide the best type of material you should go for when purchasing a hunting knife.


You should note that a carbon steel blade is relatively stronger than more resistant to rust than a stainless steel blade. This is will be of great benefit to you as a hunter since it will last longer. It will also be easier for you to skin and cut through the animal. This makes it possible for you to get high quality affordable bushcraft knives that meet your needs.

However, it is more difficult to sharpen a carbon knife. There are many people that complain of how time consuming the process of sharpening this type of knife is. You will realize that blades that are made of this type of material will stay for a long time before they become blunt. The only problem is that it takes a lot of effort and strength to sharpen it once it gets blunt.

Another downside to a carbon steel blade is that it is more prone to rust compared to a steel blade. Whenever there is moisture on the blade, it tends to rust. Rust brings about unproductivity of your blade. Make it a habit to dry you knife properly before storing it. You can also use a sheath made of nylon instead of leather to store your knife. This is because nylon protects the knife from being exposed to a lot of moisture which can cause rusting.

On the other hand, stainless steel blades are less prone to rust. Never the less, this is not reason enough for you not to maintain the knife. It is important to take caution procedures with this knife as you would with a high carbon steel knife. In addition, stainless steel blades are softer compared to high carbon blades. You will therefore use less time and effort to sharpen a blade that is made of stainless steel.

Although stainless knives are less prone to rust, they more expensive compared to carbon steel knives. This is because a lot of work goes into creating a stainless steel blade than a high carbon blade. Steel is also a better quality metal than carbon. This makes it more expensive and therefore not common among many hunters. It is important for you to consider you budget and blade requirements before deciding what type of knife you would prefer.

To sum up, it is important for you to maintain your knife no matter what material it is made of. Prevention measures such as drying and oiling are very essential. You should make sure that the oil you use does not have acid in it as this would bring corrosion to your blade.