Sleep Myths- Breaking It Down

Sleep Myths- Breaking It Down

Sleep has been the subject of many myths. We hear about these myths from parents and friends, and some are irresponsibly spread through social media. Although it’s fun and highly entertaining to learn more about these myths, it can be misleading and dangerous. There are some individuals out there who see these myths are real, thus they eventually learn to follow these to the detriment of their health. Here are some of the popular myths about sleep, and and explanation and clarification that can help you better take advantage of sleep.

Cheat on the ‘Amount of Sleep’ that You Get

Professionals and those in the service and entertainment industry knows the importance of sleep, and lack of it. Because of the demands of work and changing work schedules, many individuals in the service and entertainment sector tend to cut short their sleep to work extra. The idea is that the missing number of hours of sleep can be recovered in the next few days or the weekend. So if a person just slept for 3 to 4 hours today, then it’s okay provided that on a weekend, he should stay in bed for an extra 3 to 4 hours. This payment of ‘sleep debt’ does not work, and it’s just a myth. Lost sleep cannot be recovered and if your nights are continuously defined by lack of sleep, then you’ll end up developing certain lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure and obesity. This is why you should always aspire to have quality sleep every night. Even if you are suffering from certain health issues that make continuous sleeping a problem like bruxism, you need to find solutions, including night mouth guards.

Older People Requires Less Sleep

Babies, kids and those in their younger years are expected to get the minimum hours of sleep. Adults and seniors on the other hand may sleep less, so they can become more productive for the family. This is another long-running about sleep and seniors. Well, older people and seniors also need the same amount of sleep. But due to some factors, seniors tend to sleep less. Some older individuals and seniors sleep less because of medical conditions like insomnia, frequent urination and bruxism. According to WebMD, it’s important for seniors to get enough sunlight and get checked since medications can also affect quality of sleep. It also pays to use a mouth guard that can help prevent or limit the inconveniences that come with teeth grinding. The idea here is to get help in case you are having a problem sleeping.

Lack of Sleep and Diabetes, Hypertension Have No Connection

For the longest time, many individuals dispute the connection between lack of sleep and diseases like diabetes and hypertension. But thanks to new studies and researches, it has been found that lack of sleep can increase the chances of developing hypertension and diabetes.

So the next time you hear or read new information and myths about sleep, ask around and think about it. Restful sleep is something that should be taken seriously, and should be part of your new lifestyle.

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