Shark IONFlex 2x DuoClean IF251 review

Maintaining spotless clean upholstery, draperies, floors, and surfaces has always been an elusive concept for most homeowners. There exists a plethora of home equipment engineered towards giving homeowners the satisfaction of clean surfaces. Vacuum cleaners are a common household equipment suitable for cleaning dust off surfaces but not limited to use in homes as they are available in industries. They appear in a variety of models as well as size. Ranging from small battery-powered hand-held devices to wheeled canisters, domestic use vacuum cleaners to huge immobile industrial appliances all engineered to suit customer needs.

Shark IONFlex 2x DuoClean IF251 review

The Shark IONFlex 2x DuoClean IF251 vacuum cleaner is a good choice for homeowners looking to achieve that spotless clean look across all surfaces. The shark is also reputable for being pocket-friendly thus affordable in comparison to other premium brands. The warranty for this household equipment is also noteworthy hence very popular among first-time owners as they see the value in what they are paying for. The Duo clean refers to the vacuum ensemble that comprises a double brush roll in the cleaning head. The Ion refers to the lithium-ion battery while the Flex is the joint on the hose allowing the vacuum to bend while in stick mode.


There are several notable features that come with the new Shark IONFlex 2x Duoclean IF251 which is an upgrade from the IONFlex Duoclean IF201. Its weight in stick mode is about nine ounces with the onboard accessories and about five ounces in handheld mode depending on the onboard accessories. The dust cup capacity is approximately o.33 liters. The battery charge time is around three to four hours and it has an impressive battery run time of 11 minutes on maximum power mode and 24 minutes on extended run time due to the two Lithium-ion battery system. It boasts two pre-motor filters and one post motor filter both washable. As earlier discussed it has quite an attractive warranty of 5 years for the vacuum and 2 years for the battery pack.


As if that is not enough, this power tool is without the hassle that comes with cords. It offers ease of movement around the house without the risk of getting snagged on the furniture. Similarly, there is no hassle as someone does not have to plug it into another power outlet when they move into another room. Both first-time users and regular users like this home equipment because not only is it lightweight but is also convertible to a hand-held equipment, easily detachable from its body. This operation is quite helpful when cleaning in between cushions or on individual steps. The fact that it runs on batteries makes it convenient to carry outdoors to perhaps clean the inside of a car.

Floor Handling

A variety of flooring can be cleaned using this equipment ranging from wood flooring to carpets. It is specially engineered with unique onboard features to handle dust particles across several surfaces with non-additional accessories. The two brush rolls on the on the cleaning head are ideal for both carpet deep cleaning and wood polishing. The bristle brush handles the carpets while the soft brush roll pulls bigger particles and also cleans floors leaving a polished appearance.