Rockville RPG15 review

Rockville RPG15 a PA speaker powered by 100 watt offers quite amazing sound quality. If looking for that speaker which will deliver sounding highs, mids, and superior bass, this is what to go for to get that and more. The package comes with other Rockville accessories hence a full complete to start off with.

Features of Rockville RPG15 PA speaker

  • The dimensions of the product are 15.67 inches by 15.57 inches by 26.93 inches
  • The speakers are designed efficiently with power from RMS of about 250 watts, the maximum output power of 1000watts and program power producing 500 watts.
  • It has 35Hz to 20KHz frequency response
  • The speaker works like high-powered two way professional sound speaker reinforcement speaker. For reproduction of crisp and clear sound, the speaker also incorporates 1.35 inches Japanese diaphragm compression driver made from pure titanium.
  • Since it’s a very active speaker system type, the Rockville RPG15 comes with own amplifier. The amplifier is made of linear class AB technology which enables it delivers great power with transparency sonic performance. The amplifier as well comes with limiter and clipping LED which makes them last longer. There are other two in-built band equalizer for customization of sound as desired.
  • The enclosure of the speaker is trapezoid-shaped making the speakers versatile for use as PA speaker as you can even lay it down with the sides touching the floor. Its handles are ergonomic hence easily portable and also easily setup. The material used to make the speakers is ABS material which is quality and from the rugged design able to withstand even high impacts.
  • The speaker also has low-noise microphone through ¼” stereo jacks and XLR where the volume control is also fitted.

Pros of Rockville RPG15 PA speaker

  • The speakers produce a very quality sound which delivers punchier bass and loud sounds
  • Ideal for use especially for playback applications and live sound
  • Lightweight and compact hence able to reproduce sound without distortion even in places of high SPL
  • Made using durable and high-quality materials
  • Fitted with ergonomic handles hence easy to transport and carry the speakers from one place to another
  • Comes with a built-in speaker so no issues of compatibility between speakers and amplifiers with the type of speakers
  • The package comes with adjustable stands, XLR cables and also a case to ferry the speaker around


  • Due to its built-in amplifier, the speakers are very heavy
  • The speakers produce very decent bass which is not as powerful for some users


If looking for a speaker that will be affordable and favor your pocket giving each coin you spend value, Rockville RPG15 is the speaker to go for. This is ideal and especially for DJs who are new and joining the industry as this is a very good investment for a start. The package as stated comes fitted with necessary accessories for setting up any PA systems and therefore no need to purchase from outside. Therefore, the affordability of the equipment and its easy setting up process makes the speaker ideal to use with no expected cases of incompatibility as speakers and amplifiers are in-built.