Reviewing The Top Garage Door Openers Of The Year

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1. Chamberlain Whisper Drive

Chamberlain door opener is the type of openers which even when power is out still continues working. Tis Chamberlain Drive has MyQ technology as well as a backup battery that allows users complete their task in the garage even when power is out. As well in case of power failure, the security and safety features still continue working assuring of protection to the family. This type of door opener features time-to-close feature that closes the door after some minutes if you forget to close the door. The MyQ technology featuring in the door opener controls automatically the lighting of your house such that even when you get home late the lights are still on. Chamberlain opener also features smooth stop and stop which prevents any noise as you open or close the door for houses with rooms above or below the garage.


• Has a powerful HPS ¾ DC belt system of drive to enable performance in silence.

• Has a built-in battery which enables normal use of the door even when power is out.

• It is enabled with MyQ technology.

• It has a feature called time-to-close which automatically closes the door after some programmed time either one or five or ten minutes.

• This door opener includes two or three remote control buttons with one which is keyless, wireless entry system and the other one is control panel.

Pros of Chamberlain Whisper Drive

This type of door opener for garages works even when power is out using the system of backup battery which is fitted in it.

Cons of Chamberlain Whisper Drive

While you purchase this door opener you are required to buy additional extension kit for doors which are 7 feet plus taller.


18Chamberlain Whisper Drive so far is the best door opener for garages according to garage door opener reviews and it operates efficiently and quietly.

2. Decko Chain Drive

Decko Chain Drive is a silence type of garage opener with HP motor ¾. This type of opener is used with doors which are very heavy weighing about 500 pounds and also doors measuring 7 feet in height and 18 feet in width. Decko’s motor is very powerful such that it allows users to close and open the door without making any noise.


• Decko opener is easy to install and features wiring which is non-polarized which making wiring installation free from errors.

• It can handle doors which are 18 feet in width and 7 feet in tallness.

• Features eight foot extension for accommodating doors which are large in size.

• The opener has accessories which include free keypad which is wireless, two three remote buttons and three wall panel which are functioning.

• Decko opener features auto reverse system which is secure.

Pros of Decko Chain Drive

• This type of door opener is used on heavier and larger doors.

• It features a backup battery which enables use even when in power outage.

• It is extremely quiet.

• The installation of the garage opener is very easy.

• The door opener is easy to use.

Cons of Decko Chain Drive

• This type of opener is not compatible with internet or else remote control.

• If using remote control for opening or closing the door, there is some delay.


If looking for quiet, easy to install garage opener, go for Decko Chain Drive it offers all those features.