Raticator S-Plus Electronic Rat Trap Review

Is your home under attack from rats? If yes, do you know that you can eliminate them for good? Rats and other rodents alike can be very annoying thus denying you the much-needed peace of mind. The Raticator s-plus electronic rat trap will come in handy in ensuring your home is free of rodents. Rodents are responsible for causing so much damage in your home.

Unique features of the Raticator s-plus electronic rat trap

Unlike other rat traps, the Raticator s-plus has adopted the latest technology in a bid to make it more effective. The Raticator s-plus electronic rat trap review will provide you with all the necessary information that you need to know about this device.

  • Contains infrared technology. Infrared plays a crucial role in detecting the rodent.
  • Prolonged battery life to support electric shock delivery system. The performance of the battery has been boosted by the fact that it has a life of six months meaning the trap can kill up to 50 rodents without the battery getting drained.
  • Comes with Bluetooth technology which has a range of up to 100 yards.

Benefits of acquiring the Raticator s-plus electronic trap

With such amazing technological features, it goes without saying that the Raticator s-plus will effortlessly catch the rodents that have been causing you sleepless nights. That said, below is a list of reasons why the Raticator s-plus should be your preferred choice when it comes to eliminating rodents.

  • Receive alerts on your mobile phone – Any time a rodent has been trapped on the Raticator s-plus, you will receive an alert on your phone. In addition, you will also receive alerts if the battery is running low.
  • Can be placed in hard to access locations – Rodents are known to hide in places where they cannot be reached. The Raticator s-plus electronic trap seeks to assure property owners that rodents will no longer have a safe haven since this trap can reach even the most inaccessible locations. More to that, you can create a mesh network and place up to five traps, and you are guaranteed that they will still get the job done.
  • Improved technology – Unlike the previous models of the Raticator, the Raticator s-plus has had its electronics improved to make it more effective and reliable. Moreover, the shock delivery system has also been upgraded. This will allow the trap to make numerous kills without draining its battery.

Where can the Raticator s-plus electronic trap be used

There are numerous places where the Raticator s-plus can be used. This trap has been designed purposely to help property owners to eliminate rodents which are only bent at wreaking havoc. The Raticator s-plus can be placed anywhere as it does not require any monitoring. In addition, the fact that you will receive alerts on your phone means that you can quickly retrieve your trap after it has made a kill.


The Raticator s-plus is no doubt the surest way to eliminate rodents from your property. Unlike the traditional traps, the s-plus guarantee at least 50 kills annually. On that note, if you were wondering what it will take to deal with the rodents that want to take over your property, the Raticator s-plus electronic rat trap will get the job done impeccably.