MiClassic 2-in-1 Bassinet Review

Certain features are standard of a good bassinet. Unarguably, a good bassinet should be safe, wash friendly and quick dry, have a good quality mattress, light shade canopy, locked wheels and brakes, additional storage options for baby gear and should be built strong.

Fold up feature

The particular bassinet has the attractive feature of folding up. It folds up effortlessly to fit into the travel bag that is inclusive of the set. The open and fold mechanism makes it great for traveling as well as storage.


In the middle of the bassinet is a crease where it folds. A few customers have expressed concerns about it, but it does not cause any discomfort to the sleeping baby. The excellent quality factory fitted mattress is also really comfortable for the baby. There are built-in waterproof and detachable covers on the mattress padding. There is also an underneath frame at the bottom of the matters pad that provides extra support. Other parents have devised a method of laying a sheet on the mattress making the crease hardly noticeable. The bassinet also has surrounding good quality and breathable mesh improving the baby’s comfort.


The bassinet is reasonably inexpensive if durability and quality are to consider. It is available on Amazon and other shopping sites at approximately 80 dollars. For its top-rated functionality, it is an economic asset as a baby’s sleeper up.

Rocking Feature

In addition to the open and fold feature, the bassinet also has a rocking feature. One can set the rock mode for when the baby is awake to soothe them or also set it on stationary mode for when the baby is asleep.


The miclassic 2-in-1 bassinet┬áis sizeable enough for a travel crib. Depending on the place where a parent wants to fit in, the dimensions on the bassinet can give a clear guideline. From top to bottom it measures at 28 inches, length is 38 inches, and the width is 21 inches. Similarly, it is quite sizable and roomy for an infant to sleep. The big inside space is also suitable for changing the baby’s diapers or clothes. It is pleasantly surprising how it is big and lightweight for a travel bag.

Stability and Durability

Open and fold features and the prospect of being lightweight compromises the durability and stability of bassinets. However, this sturdy bassinet remains firm while rocking, stationary or when folded. It is a good sleeper until the baby is walking and ready to be moved.

The rocking and stationary options of the bassinet are quite impressive as they give parents a choice. Parents can naturally focus on other work while the baby is soothed to sleep by the back and forth motion. The open and fold mechanism makes it a convenient traveling companion, and the durability and quality of construction make it one of the best baby sleeper ups. The in-depth size makes it safe so that even a standing toddler cannot fall out. The quick and quick dry material used in making the padding is convenient to save time for when the bassinet is due for use again.