How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener Safely

In one moment of your life, there’re chances you will get caught in a survival environment. It can be in the army, camping or scout training session. And this might involve can open without a tin opener among other activities. Therefore, what do you do when you have no can opener with you, and you are needed to open one?

In this article, we discuss tips on how to open a can without a can opener safely. Such suggestions include;

By Help of a Spoon

One of the best ways to open a tin without using the opener is using a spoon. Make sure the spoon is metallic as any other material will rarely work. It needs you to place the can in a stable surface, hold it with one hand while the other hand works with the spoon. Place the spoon along the inside of the lip between the lids and the opening of the can. The interior of the spoon should always face the cover. Rub the spoon against the top of the tin until the spoon finds its way through the cover. Use the opening to insert the spoon as you nick the can towards your body. Consider doing this until you make a complete circular opening. Remove the lid, and you’re ready to go.

Using a Sharp Chef knife

Another best way to open a tin without using an opener is using a sharp knife. You can hold the blade with your palm on its blunt edge. Push the protruding heel between the can and its lid. Nick the knife inwards to make an opening. Lower the handle as you turn the knife upside down as you rock the knife through the small strokes to nick away the can. Consider using one hand to hold the container as you make the upside slices. Make sure to use a sharp knife and one made of the heavy blade. By doing this, you minimize chances of hurting your hands.

Using a Concrete or a Rock

You can also use a flat rock with a rough surface, one that will create enough friction to cause a puncture on the can’s lid. To be able to break the seal at the top of the tip, consider placing the can in an upside-down style. Consider rubbing the tin back and forth over a rock. By doing this, you create friction between the two surfaces. The rubbing should continue until you can see moisture on either of the two surfaces. As soon there is wet, it means that the lid is thin enough to make a breakthrough. At this stage, the seal is light enough for a pocket knife to penetrate through. You can, therefore, make a slide into the can. Push the lid up with the knife to make a complete opening.

If you have no knife, you can use a spoon or any other tool. You can also use a rock to knock the lid inward the can. However, knocking the lid using a stone can get your food contaminated.

In conclusion, we can agree that there are many survival mechanisms for opening a can. The above three are among the commonly used, and therefore we recommend them as the best. However, take all the precautions necessary to make sure you don’t get your hand cut.