How to keep your dog travel crate clean

Keeping your dog travel crate clean is one way of ensuring your pet is safe from any diseases while traveling or just when going out of home for a while with your dog. The dog’s crate needs to be always clean to keep your dog healthy and happy as well. You should always ensure your pet enjoy excellent and clean environment when traveling and when at home. Some people find it hard to keep the crate clean and opt to clean it when they want to travel. That’s very dangerous since diseases may build up and to clean the crate at the last minute may not kill them. Not keeping the crate clean means you are risking your pet’s health and soon you might incur other costs on your dog’s treatment when you had the chance to save your pet from being ill. Read more here about dog crates.

What are the tips for keeping your dog’s crate clean?

You may be thinking that keeping your dog’s travel crate clean is hard work, but it’s not, below are tips on how to keep your dog travel crate clean;

Hose your dog’s crate down

Do you have an outdoor wire crate or any dog’s travel crate that you store outside your house? The first thing you need in the cleaning process is to use your garden hose, a spray nozzle or jet spray to remove all the debris such as dirt clumps among others from the crate. The tube with its water pressure will quickly remove any stubborn debris and soften others making it a good starting point for cleaning the crate.

Scrub the crate now

The second step to cleaning your dog’s crate is to take a gentle scrubber and soap and if possible use hot water which will help in killing bacteria that may be present. Ensure you scrub every part of the crate to remove any dirt if you have the metal crate and you find some spots have rust look for a scrub brush to remove the rust. Make sure you rinse all the soapy water you have been using from the crate without missing out any spot.

Disinfect the crate and the cage

There are a lot of pet cleaning products that you can use to decontaminate your pet’s cage and that you can also use to disinfect the crate. You should ensure that the products are safe for your pet and follow usage instructions to ensure that you don’t overdose your pet. In most of the disinfectants are simple to use and you only to spay the cage and the crate.

Eliminate the products smell

The pet’s disinfectant products may have an unpleasant odor and if you feel uncomfortable with it, spray a mixture of vinegar and water to counter that smell. The apple vinegar solution will give the cage a natural scent that will make the pet feel comfortable in a natural smelling environment.

Now dry the dog’s crate

In case you use the metal crate you have to wipe with a towel to make it dry to prevent it from rusting by removing all the moisture. You can also expose the crate to the sun to dry, but it’s better to wipe it first with the towel.

Following the above steps will keep your dog’s crate clean and free from rusting if you have the metal crate. Remember keeping your dog’s cage and crate clean is keeping your pet healthy.