How to Fix Machine with Problems

Working with uncooperative machine causes a lot of hectic on you. You feel like crunching your teeth for a reason you can apparently fix. Having those Skippy stitches, broken needles, problematic bobbin what a problem and you still need to work.  Get to know the common problems and how to fix them .

Bunching of your thread while sewing

When you see your disorganized thread, remove that fabric from the sewing service. Never pull it to be loose it may it may spoil your fabric and break your machine mechanism. Free up your project and do away with the cut bits of the thread. Identify that hectic issue and proceed.

Get the machine manual and thread the machine again. Take your bobbin and also rethread using the similar thread that you had started with. Do not forget to adjust your tension settings. Test the settings on your scrap fabric.

Broken needles

If your needle breaks, stop operating the whole project. Replace another needle and dispose the old one. Always use the new needles in every project you start with. This will prevent you from using dull needles. If it continues breaking again, require an expert to repair. It could be a mechanical issue and needs some advanced attention.

Inconsistent bobbin tension

This is another issue common with plastic bobbins. They can wear out and make the bobbin house loose. This creates difficulties in maintaining the right tension. This will make you adjust the bobbin thread from time to time. It is better to get a metal one and see if there are any changes.

Thread breakage

Check the thread you are using and avoid the hand sewing threads. They are not good for the machine and try getting another one. Also the weight should be the same from top to bottom. Put your presser foot up and thread again.

Poor fabric feeding

Activate the drop feed setting and no fabric that is covering your machine feed dogs. Check the press foot is down and apply the correct pressure on your fabric. Your material should also be under the presser foot before lowering it down.

Unthreading of the needle before sewing

This is another annoying issue after getting your thread through the small hole. Put your needle at its high point then you can rethread again. Wind the hand wheel towards your direction to avoid the thread from tangles. This also helps your machine to advance well.

The refusal of machine to sew

If you are forcing the hand wheel to turn, stop the whole procedure with immediate effects. Probably your fabric could be tough for the machine. If you force it to work, it will break down your machine causing huge damages. If it goes on for a while, get your manual, read then start your cleaning and lubricating procedure.


Solving minor problems in your machine would save you a great deal. Major problems start with the small issues. If you do not care attending to them at an early stage, they would fix permanent problems. This can make your machine never to work again and it would be better to avoid them.