How to Fireproof a Safe

Safes are meant to protect precious items and valuables from intruders from outside. Most of the home safes are securely locked and small enough to hide in a closet. However, one thing that homeowners forget is to protect the safe from internal intruders such as fire. In case the home catches fire, and everything is burnt, there is nothing significant the safe can do to protect the precious items from burning together with the other goods. It is therefore essential to fireproof a home safe. There are several ways of doing that;

Insulating the safe with protective outer shell

In case you bought a safe that is not fireproof, you should not worry anymore. You can buy a protective shell and cover your home safe with it. This outer shell will act as an insulator and safeguard the safe from the flames. In case the clothes and other things outside the safe burns to the ground, everything else inside the safe will survive the damage.

Creating a fireproof section in your home

This is another useful method of fireproofing your safe. There is no way your safe will be damaged by fire if it is stored in a corner that is already fireproofed. The things usually kept in a safe are the costly things and the most critical items. Therefore, you should go an extra step and create a fireproof section in your home where you will be keeping your safe.

Avoid putting flammable items in the safe

You cannot fireproof a safe if you are putting flammable items in the safe. First, keep the valuables against fires occurring within the safe. The only way of doing this is putting lighters and flammable items outside the safe. Ensure that you consult with an expert on what valuables you are supposed to put inside the safe and which ones you are not.

Using a fire resistant paint

A fire-free coating can also be beneficial in protecting your safe from fire. In the market today, you can find many paint sellers who claim that their paints are flame resistant. However, before you decide on the product you are going to buy, ensure that it is tested to comply with the fire rating performance. Once you have painted the safe with a fire resistant paint, you will be sure that it is safe from catching fire and getting your valuable items getting damaged. Also, ensure that the safe is kept in a cold place such as a freezer where it will not catch any heat.

When it comes to protecting your valuables, you should think of all possibilities. You can lose an essential item to an external intruder or fire. They both result in the same ending. These days, it is possible to buy safes that are already fireproofed. However, they are quite expensive than the normal ones. If you do not want to spend the extra money purchasing a safe that is already fireproofed, you can apply the above methods to fireproof the safe. Also, ensure that the safe has undergone UL fire testing. Do not just have a safe, have the most reliable safe.