How to Change an Oral B Electric Toothbrush Head

Technology is enhancing and the dentists together with designers are working together to creating a simple, affordable and surprisingly enjoyable oral care services to everyone out there. Starting with one of the best electric toothbrushes, Oral B Electric Toothbrush is a brush with the right amount of sonic vibrations plus guiding pulses to help users simplify better brushing. With the Oral B electric toothbrush, there is no use of excessive power and unnecessary modes while brushing, it’s a two minute clean as ordered by the dentists. Sounds awesome? Well, many people have decided to go for this brush because of its convenience, uniqueness and proper functionality. Sometimes the problem pops up when it comes to changing the head of the brush. Feel free to see more at teeth mates.


Questions among users have been raised on how to and why change the Oral B electric toothbrush head. Like any other machine or new product in the market, challenges do occur especially when users have no idea on how to handle them. For hygienic purposes, the Oral B electric Toothbrush needs a fresh brush head refill after every 3 months. It is recommended for one to clean and dry their hands before handling a new toothbrush.


Hold the toothbrush with your clean hands and carefully press the quick-release button. The button normally looks like a flat switch either in blue or white in color. While still pressing the quick-release button, pull off the old brush head. Now take the new brush head for replacement and keenly line the nodes on the bottom side of the Toothbrush steam head with the empty sockets probably at the base. Then press both the brush head and the stem together to set them into place. You may also decide to test whether it is working properly after the replacement by powering it on. Ensure that the batteries are functional to work effectively. You can also change old batteries while still at it.