How to Build a Litter Box Enclosure That Will Keep Your House Clean

Building a litter box enclose can be lots of fun if you pretty understand how to make it. Practically, nobody wants to see litter spread throughout the house. Even once they are put in the litter box, without the enclosure, the whole thing cannot be presentable in the room. For those who give the litter box to their cat, it cannot be a good idea for the box to be without a lid. It will make the house to smell and look untidy. Making the litter box enclosure is not really difficult. There are several ways in which you can make the enclosure without having to higher an expert. Here are steps to making the common litter box enclosure:

Step 1: choose the material to use

There are several materials which are used to make the litter box enclosure. It all depends on your choice. Some of the materials include concrete, plastic, and wood. The common one and the easiest material to use is wood. Based on such factors like availability and the cost, you can make a decision on what you can use. If you are making it on your own without hiring an expert, then wood is recommended.

Step 2: preparing of the design

Assuming that you have chosen to use wood, and then you have to cut the wood into square parts. You should make four of them with the same measurements. If you fail to make then equal, it is possible that the end result will not be straight hence very unattractive. You need six pieces for this matter. In one of the pieces, create something like space which shall be used as an entrance in case you want the litter box enclosure to be for your cat. The cut will be able to move in and out with ease. On another piece, all the same, create a more of the entrance which you had created but let it be smaller than the initial one.

Step 3: join the pieces

Use small nails to join together the six pieces. The first entrance which you created should be placed on one of the sides. The other smaller entrance should be placed on top of them all. After joining them, you can now create two small wooden doors for the two entrances. The door to the entrance at the side should be very flexible so that the cat can just be pushing it when there is a need to get in and out. The other door-like material at the top is meant for you. You can decide to keep litter on it temporarily before you dispose of them.

Building a litter box enclosure is as simple as given above. You do not have to make your house dirty simply because you have no idea n how to make the litter box. If you want it more attractive, you can add color to it. Choose the best color and smoothly pain it after you have boiled it. It may sound difficult but you might be amazed at how the end result shall be smart and presentable.