How Should Ski Pants Fit? A General Sizing Guide

Ski pants come in different styles for the users to select from according to their preferences and the comfort they need from the pants. You can either choose the pants that reach the waist or the pants that are made with suspenders which are mainly recommended for women. Well whichever style you decide to go with, there are few things that you need to consider to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Please feel free to read more here.

The following is the general guide to follow when choosing an excellent fitting size of the ski pants.

The length fit.

One essential thing to note when it comes to the ski pants is that they are designed in a slightly larger length as opposed to other types of pants like the jeans. This is because these pants are meant to reach below the ankle area to offer proper coverage to the ski boots. This design also ensures that the pants cover your feet well to protect them from the cold. Note that this is only possible for people who are less than 5’9 feet tall. Therefore for people who are taller than this size, their pants may fail to fit below the ankle. The brand of the pants also matters since some are designed to reach the ankle area while others are made to reach below the ankle area.

The waist fit.

The waist area should fit adequately such that you will not have a hard time once you get to the skiing sessions. Most pants are designed with waist adjustment accessories which enable one to customize their comfortable waist fit. Some of the accessories that are fitted on the waist for this purpose include the Velcro, snap, cinches and even the belt loop. So, when choosing your pant, check out the adjustments parts that are available to ensure that you get a comfortable fit of the pants. Note that some pants are designed with low waist fit, and others have a high waist, and therefore try the pants while still at the shop so you can be able to choose the one that fits you comfortably.

The materials.

The materials used to make the ski pants play a considerable role in determining how comfortable you will be when skiing. You need a slack that is flexible especially on the knee area such that you can quickly and comfortably bend the knees when maneuvering on the snow. So, check out the materials that offer the flexibility. You can opt for a stretchy material that fits well such that the pants will not be too tight. But, if you choose other materials like polyester, ensure they have the knee area articulated for easy bending of the knees when moving.

The size.

The ski pants are made in different sizes which range from small to baggy fitting. If possible try out the pants while at the shop to ensure that you buy the correct size, but if you are buying online, use the buying chart to help you choose the right size of pants for you.


If you are planning on buying a new pair of ski pants, use the above guide to help you choose the best pants that will provide you with a proper fitting without compromising your comfort.