Helpful Tips to a More Organized Wallet


If your wallet has become a bunch of receipts and expired coupons, it’s high time you organize it. Here are some really helpful tips in slimming down your wallet and making it more functional.


Tip 1: Get a Slimmer Wallet


When a storage place is wide, you would have the tendency to shove everything inside until it’s full. The same goes with wallets. The bigger your wallet is, the more tempted you are to put things in it, even unnecessary junk like candy wrappers. Get yourself some quality slim wallets for men that would fit only the essentials. You would not need a wallet with a dozen card slots anyway.


Tip 2: Practice Minimalism


Many experts agree that minimalism is one of the main factors in being organized. Only put in your wallet the most important things. Among these are cash, two credits cards or debit cards (or one for each), two or three IDs, and a limited number of discount cards, membership cards, coupons and others.


If you are only going to work and going straight home after, you would not need to take with you your discount cards, coupons or rewards. Unless you would be going to the shop where those cards can be used at that certain day, then just leave them at home. The amount of cash you would be carrying should also be at the minimum. It should only be enough to get you through emergency situations such as eating at a restaurant that does not accept the cards you have.


Tip 3: Only Keep Recent Receipts


It is still important to keep receipts in your wallet. There might be times you would need to make a dispute at a shop you recently purchased from. However, you should not let your receipts stay in your wallet for more than a week. This would give you time to compute what you have spent in the past days and audit your expenses. It would also give you enough time to dispute or claim a certain receipt-based reward from a store.


Tip 4: Use a Money Clip


A money clip is a thin yet functional device that is used to hold paper bills together. It can also be used for cards or other important stuff in the wallet. This would reduce wrinkling of your bills and avoid damages to your cards. A money clip would make a wallet look more organized.


Tip 5: Clean Out Your Wallet Once a Week


It is recommended to give your wallet a thorough cleaning at least once a week. If you accept a lot of coupons or business cards in a day, you might want to do the clean up more often. When you do this, you would be able to get rid of all unnecessary papers that are taking up space in your wallet. Also, you would be able to check what you have done for the past days based on your receipts, rewards and more. These tips are really helpful in keeping your wallet organized every single day.