Frequently Asked Questions About Strapless Bra Sizing

Many women wear strapless bras when they want to dress up, but questions always arise about fit, cost and other options. These are some frequently asked questions about strapless bra sizing that will help. Click here to see more

How should a strapless fit?

When choosing your strapless bra you should first make sure that your regular bras fit properly. Do the cups gap or do you flow over the top? Your cups should fit snugly but not tightly. It’s your band that should fit tightly. Your band is going to be the only means of support for you. Some sources recommend buying your strapless bra one size lower. This only applies to the band itself, not to the cup. Bandeau strapless bras are also available but their support level is low and tend to give you a “uni-bust” look.

What should I look for in a strapless bra?

The band width is all important in a strapless bra, especially if you are more busty than average. The larger your cup size is, the wider your band size should be. Sometimes the need is better suited to a long-line strapless bra. This will give you support over a much wider area. The number of hooks in the back of a regular strapless bra should accommodate the wider width and help hold you up. Support is really the main reason for any bra.

Should I go to a professional fitter?

You can if it makes you feel better, but it’s not absolutely necessary. The associates in the intimates department have the training to guide you. It’s advisable to go to a good store to choose your bra and buy the best quality you can afford. A professional fitter usually charges for her services by increasing the prices in her shop, and you’re expected to buy from her if she fits you.

How much can I expect to pay for a good strapless bra?

A lot depends on the size you need, and your size will probably dictate your choice of styles. Choices range from just under $20.00 to over $50.00, depending on where you buy them and the size you need them in. A long-line strapless bra will cost somewhat more but may be a better investment. Remember that old adage: “You get what you pay for.” It may be old, but it’s true. Don’t look for the cheapest available. Be prepared to spend what it costs to get the bra you need.

Are there any better options?

There are other options, but not better ones. There are adhesive bras with no backs. It would be hard to nail down the right size on the first try. You will probably need to try on several to obtain the look you want. These would only be advisable for smaller busts. In those cases, adhesive bras are appropriate for backless dresses. Most companies don’t carry adhesive bras for full figures.

I don’t think I would be comfortable wearing a strapless bra. Are bras with clear straps an appropriate substitute?

Clear strap bras are appropriate in some cases, but for formal or even dressy occasions they’re considered tacky. If you feel uncomfortable about the idea, talk to your friends and get their opinions. If you’ve never tried one because of your reservations, go ahead and give one a try. If you’ve tried them before and found them too uncomfortable to wear, you were probably wearing the wrong size. If you tried one before but it kept slipping, again, you were probably wearing the wrong size.

There are sizing charts available online. Use them to get an idea of what you should be looking for and then fine tune it when you go shopping. It’s probably best to shop in person rather than online. Trying it on first is your only guarantee.