Five Reasons Why Church Toilet Seats is Above the Rest

Selecting a toilet seat seems an easy task since there is a wide selection of this item in the market. You’ll find varying toilet seats which differ in design, color, material, sizes, shapes, and prices. But then here is the issue; which one among these options is a good value for your money?


One of the well-known manufacturers of toilet and bathroom accessories is Bemis. The Bemis has been around for several years creating the best products for improving bathroom and toilet functionality. Moreover, their innovations are quite amazing since they build products for long-term use and hygiene. If you are searching for a toilet seat or any bathroom paraphernalia, Bemis is the most reliable names in this industry.

The Bemis has introduced several product lines over the years. One of their exceptional series of toilet seat accessories is the Church brand.

The Church brand tioilet seats are a great option when it comes to functionality, durability, as well as keeping a toilet clean. At first glance, this product appears like an ordinary toilet seat; but prepared to be impressed, for the Church toilet seat has a lot to offer. And, to let you know more about this, below are the top five reasons on what makes Church toilet seat the best buy in the market.

#1 One Seat Fits All

The Church toilet seat is a universal item. It fits in any standard toilet brands in all shapes and sizes. Thus, when you buy this item, you won’t have to worry whether it would fit right into your toilet. It features a fender bushing that fits perfectly on a toilet bowl’s mounting hole. The blot center keeps the seat in place. You can adjust the bushing on a stay bolt for a secure fit.

#2 Easy to Install

Some toilet seats are tough to install. Meanwhile, the Church toilet seat is easy and quick to install and uninstall as well. All you need to do is adjust the bolt to keep it in place. And, for an additional guide, you can search for tips and advice on how to install a Church toilet seat through reliable online sources like Project for Home.

#3 Stay Tight Seat Fastening

This brand is popular for its stay tight seat fastening system. It is a unique fastener design that assures the toilet seat is attached snugly and tight on the toilet bowl. Hence, this feature guarantees the toilet seat is secured in place and does not come loose.

#4 Durability

The Church toilet seat is constructed to last-long than most standard toilet seats. This product is made from quality wood materials that stay strong and sturdy over the years.

#5 Healthy Toilet Seat

Most toilet seats in the market do not have DuraGuard. It is a type of chemical mixed with paint of the seat. This substance prevents the growth and spread of microbes on your toilet seat and bowl. Moreover, it works excellently in retaining moisture on the seat which is often the cause of bacterial and mildew growth.

The Church toilet seat contains DuraGuard. Thus, using this item assures that your family is safe from microbial attack.

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