Five Impressive Qualities of Oregon Scientific WMR200a Home Weather Station

Keeping yourself updated with regards to weather condition is significant, especially if you are living in an area wherein storms are frequent. Unpreparedness is the primary cause behind casualties during critical weather situations; thus, learn to stay alert and always be prepared to mitigate storm hazards. You can do this by using a home weather station.


A home weather station is not a luxury. This device is a helpful and practical solution to stay updated with weather conditions. A good quality home weather station can measure temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, barometric pressure, UV and sun radiation. Aside from this, home weather stations of today have additional features to boost functionality and provide convenience. One of the best examples of high-performing home weather station with impressive technology is the WMR200a Oregon Scientific home weather station.

What is Oregon Scientific WMR200a? 

The Oregon Scientific is one of the most reputable names of weather station devices in the market. This unit is an outstanding home weather station that received an excellent satisfaction rating from customers. However, alongside with the great features of this device, Oregon Scientific WMR200a also has its disadvantages. But before going there, check out why you must consider a WMR200a weather station by Oregon Scientific.

What are the features of Oregon Scientific WMR200a? 

Here are the top five amazing features of this weather monitoring device.

1. Beautiful Aesthetics-This device has a stunning look that is absent in most home weather stations. It has a modern appearance that is suitable for any houses.

2. Accurate Data- A home weather station that provides inaccurate temperature, humidity, and other measurements are practically useless. The Oregon Scientific is none of these things. This unit provides accurate data collection and analysis of temperature, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall. These measurements are obtained using RF connections. In addition, the data is easy to understand and read. It is displayed in an LCD screen with readable marks. Also, this device has no complicated buttons. It features a touchscreen control panel for easy navigation of controls and quick set up of the device.

3. Compatible with Third-Party Software- Some weather monitoring device is not compatible with other software. The good thing with Oregon Scientific is that this device can work with third party software. Hence, you can use other software to enhance its features and functionality.

4. Features Desktop console-This unit is built for this computerized age. It features a desktop console so you can connect to your computer and check out the data from there. You can display the weather data on your PC via a USB feed connected to the control panel.

5. Stores a Week of Data-This unit can store a one week of data, unlike other weather devices that immediately deletes three to two days of information. This feature allows you to keep track of weather condition easily.

A home weather station is a great lifesaver to any household. There’s more you have to know about this tool. For more details, you can check this out on this source.