Features Of A Good Portable DVD Player

portable dvd player
Having a portable DVD player is more than a fashion. Sure, it gives your car a stylish look and allows you to view videos on the go. However, it also gives you the ease of access – and all you need is your favourite CD to access your favorite songs and videos.

If you’re out with your family or friends, you would love to have a portable DVD player, like the insignia dvd player. Feel fresh anytime in your travels.

Features Of A Good Portable DVD Player

Here is a look at the top features you need to look for in a good portable DVD player.

1. Is it Easy to Install?

Even though each portable DVD player is different from one another, they all are bound to consist of 3 main components Рthe DVD player itself, the video monitor for the car and the sound system. If any of these are missing, the player is not complete. When installing the DVD player in your car, you must ensure that the screws that secure the CD/DVD reader module on the top are removed or one will not be able to insert any DVD/CD disk into the player.

2. What is the Screen Size?

Do not compromise with the size of the DVD player. As a smaller screen will strain the eyes out too easily, choose a screen at least 9 inches wide.

3. Are the Playbacks Easy?

Another important feature while picking a DVD player is the playback. It’s what decides the fun we have – high-quality sound can take us to an all new level – and the Insignia portable DVD player that comes with the Dolby Digital technology is a good example of that.

4. What is the Display Like?

You need HD images so that you can see it all clearly. Go in for at least 1080 p resolution.

5. How Much Space does it take?

Look at the backup and space you would get on the device to store your favourite shows or movies. Good storage space means you will never miss out on your favourite music and shows.

6. How Soon Do You Have to Recharge?

Last but not the least, the battery backup is a deciding factor. You do want to rush to a charger now and then.

7. Is it For Your Car?

Portable car DVD players need to be connected to the handbrake as a safety function – so that any user cannot watch a video or TV while driving the car.

Though this feature can be disabled, one must operate the unit keeping in mind the federal, local and state laws of the country he resides in.

You can choose from the various control options to control the DVD player when on the move.

There are buttons on the receiver, touch screen panel on the display, use of remote control, smartphone applications where the phone acts as a remote control and steering wheel where the controls for the DVD player are mounted on the steering wheel itself.