Facial Cleansing Brushes: How to Use It Properly

4Are you wondering why your skin looks dry even if you have been using the modern cleansing brushes lately? Well, you have probably been using the brush the wrong way. This article will teach you how to use the facial cleansing brush the right way.


Rule #1: Choose the right brush


To have a good result, you have to look for the right facial cleansing brush. However, since there are several brushes sold in the market, looking for the right one can be very challenging. Fortunately, there are a few tricks on how to find the right facial cleansing brush for you:


o Pay for newer models – most new models have soft but effective brushes.

o Check the bristles – the bristles are an essential part when choosing the right brush. Is it designed for deep cleansing? Or is it able to remove surface dirt only?

o Read some reviews online – the best way to get the right brush is reading some reviews online. With Younger Skin Guide, you will find several types of brushes that are perfect for you. All you need to do is visit http://youngerskinguide.com/best-facial-brushes-2017-reviews-and-comparison now.


Rule #2: Use it once every other day


Experts believe that too much brushing can affect the production of natural oil in the face. Since it can be responsible for breaking the natural barrier, the face may look dry, dull, uneven skin tone, rashes, irritated complexion, and more. Also, the facial skin is naturally sensitive, breaking the barrier down can make the skin over-exposed to several stressors, such as pollution, weather, makeup, and more. So, make it a habit of brushing your face once every other day.


Rule #3: Massage it in a circular pattern


While it is called brush, the best way to use it is massaging your face in a circular pattern. Brushing your face in an upward and downward pattern can irritate the skin. Since every face has rounded form, it is appropriate to use the brush in a circular pattern. Also, avoid scrubbing your face with the brush; instead massage your face with it in a lighter manner.


Rule #4: Do not forget to add anti-aging cream or facial wash.


To ensure that you will have the best result, you have to use the brush with a cream or a facial wash.


Rule #5: Do not forget to clean your brush.


To prevent mold formation, you need to clean your brush thoroughly every after use. You may use alcohol to disinfect the brush. Rule #6: Never share your brush Sharing brush is unsanitary. Even though it has been washed after others had used it, there are chances that the bad bacteria have not been fully washed off. To stop the spread of bad bacteria that causes inflammation, make sure not to share your face. The facial cleansing brush has several benefits to offer, however, if used improperly, it could give you skin irritation and skin breakouts. So, the next time you use your brush, make sure you did all the tips as mentioned above.