Electric vs Propane Grill: Which One Should You Purchase

If you are a barbecue enthusiast, then you would definitely want to put together a flavored grilled meal swiftly, whether using an electric or propane grill.

The choice of your grill determines how tasty your food can be not forgetting the maintenance and operating costs. It is therefore important to choose a grill that best suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. But even with all these answers, one may still be unsure which grill is ideal.

Both electric and propane grills come with their own advantages and qualities that make it a better option, at the same time flaws that may prevent them from perfection.

Being knowledgeable enough will enable you to make the right decision after identifying all your needs and the specifications of the grill type you want.

So, Electric vs. Propane grill: which one should you get?

In order to make a proper decision on the above, we need to understand the features, pros, and cons of each model.

Electric grill

Electric grills offer the least authentic grill flavor but can be used almost everywhere. Its basic features include:

  • Electric grills heat up quickly and often don’t require fuel other than an electric outlet nearby.
  • The heating element is placed directly below the cooking surface in some designs and fixed inside the cooking surface in others.
  • The hat can be controlled with a medium, low and high buttons.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors, and not much of the buyer’s space is required for storage.
  • It is usually more expensive than a gas grill.


  • Comes in a wide range of sizes.
  • Since it’s used both indoors and outdoors, it has fewer restrictions on the place of use and saves space too.
  • It is convenient, given the fact that it only needs to be plugged into an electric socket nearby.


  • It is not environmentally friendly since it emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • The food loses a lot of flavor during the process and the meat comes off with a darker shade.
  • Many electric grills do not produce very high heat that is essential for searing food on the grill.

Propane grills

This is the most common type of grill sold currently. Its basic features include:

  • It has to be connected to a source of gas, preferably propane or natural gas.
  • Comes with a variety of features including rotisserie kits, multiple burners, and side burners.
  • It measures gas in degrees and can maintain the heat at a constant temperature and at higher levels.
  • Often come with heat diffusers above the burner to avert flare-ups.


  • Quick heat gains after ignition; in addition, you can control the heat at a continuous temperature.
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes from small, single steak grills up to large and prices for low to high end.
  • Provides better flavor to food.


  • Comes with the risk of fires and explosions in case of gas leaks.
  • Require regular changing of tanks.
  • The space requirement is preferably for outdoor purposes given the fact that it requires plenty of space and also, it shouldn’t be placed too close to any material that is flammable.
  • Requires regular cleaning brought about by the accumulation of grease and carbon.

In conclusion, both electric and propane grills have their advantages over each other which offers the basis over which type of grill to buy; making a choice may therefore not be easy.

The factors you should consider, therefore, include your space limitations, fuel options, food requirements and supported specifications of the grill type.