Different air purifier brands

The air purifier industry has grown over years and thus has come up with different brands of air purifiers which we are going to look at them in depth. See this site to find out more about them

Levoit Compact Air Purifier

This is a very convenient air purifier as it is small in size which makes ideal for use at home, work or while travelling. It also has three stage Air Purification System that is a HEPA filter, Stimulated Carbon Filter and Pre-filter.

It also has a nightlight which contains two brightness adjusting settings, which enables it to be a great air cleaner device.

Rabbit Air MinusA2

It has a wide range of features and air cleaning ability. It has 6 – stage air cleansing system that makes the cleanest and freshest air possible. This are;

  • Pre-filter which filters large particles which prolongs the other filters lifespan.
  • Middle Filter this is a longer life version of HEPA filter that filter tiny allergens, pollen, dust and mould particles. It can last for 3 years or more.
  • Carbon filter which eliminates smells and chemical substances.
  • Customized Filter which enables you to customize the filter to suit your needs.
  • Ion Generator which makes an ionic ground for neutralizing airborne contaminants.
  • You can also customize it in both color and design. There are different designs to fit your taste.

Winix PlasmaWave 5500-2

  • This air purifier uses patented plasma wave technology which is rarely found in other air purifiers. It offers the same air purifying benefits as an ionizer but doesn’t emit ozone. It also uses true HEPA filter to remove dust. The plasma wave technology eliminates toxic contaminants. This is the safest way of killing bacteria or viruses.
  • It also has carbon filter which reduces smells and smoke and also contains a smart sensor that checks on the air quality and automatically maximizes itself to air cleaning mode. It is capable of handling big rooms thus suitable for home or office setting.

AIRMEGA 300s Air Purifier

  • It has smart enabled features thus you can control all aspect of it using iOS or Android gadget. It his empowered with a high-quality air monitoring system thus it can determine how polluted or fresh the air is in a room.
  • It also has advanced air filters which are; True HEPA and stimulated Carbon which capture about 99% pollutants. It covers a large are thus can be used for home appliances or at work.

Coway Mighty AP-1512HH Air Purifier

  • It has 4-stage air cleansing system which has a pre-filter, a HEPA and carbon filter and also an ionizer to eliminate pollutant and smells. It also has Eco- Mode which lasts 24/7 which cut off when the air is clean which enables it to save energy. It filters last for a longer period. The air quality sensor on top of it cannot be turned off which is a limitation.

GermGuardian Ac5000E Air purifier

  • It is a 3-in-1 as it eliminates all airborne pollutants making the environment healthy. It contains a true HEPA and carbon filter. It also has a UV-C light that kills bacteria and most viruses.