Differences of Air Purifiers and Humidifiers


Air purifiers are different from humidifiers in some ways, especially when it comes to their functions. Generally, an air purifier can clean an indoor air but has nothing to do to adjust the humidity levels in a room. The air purifiers have the capacity to remove dust, smoke, and allergens in the air, while humidifiers do not do any of it. Humidifiers basically add water into the air to adjust the humidity around the surroundings but do not clean the air itself. Among the most common uses of humidifiers include the relief of health issues that resulted from dry air as well as decrease the static electricity within a home.


As mentioned, the air purifiers clean the air through the removal of particles and pollutants as well as other contaminants, and they are available in various types. One type of air purifier is the one that uses a mechanical filter to separate the particles and the other that primarily uses an electrostatic method to trap and set aside those particles that are electrically charged. The ionizers in these air purifiers have the capacity to produce negative ions, which can cause a negative charge on particles that are suspended. These particles will then settle out of the surrounding air and into the immediate surface that they come in contact with. By then, they can be wiped up easily for cleaning.


There are existing air purifiers that are known to produce ozone, which has been found to somehow cause an inflammation in the respiratory system and worsen any existing symptoms of asthma. Another known type of air purifier is the UV or ultraviolet. It has been known to kill certain types of bacteria and other existing pathogens in the air, and because of this, it is commonly used in daycare centers as well as hospitals.


Humidifiers significantly increase the humidity of the indoor air and other surrounding environments by adding water to it. A common problem during winter is the dry air, which can eventually cause chapped and dry skin and common winter respiratory conditions or problems. With a humidifier, moisture will be added to the surroundings, thus, reducing dryness and common problems in breathing. With the right humidity, wooden furniture is also saved from possible cracking and lesser static electricity.


There have been four types of humidifiers that are known of, which are steam vaporizers, evaporative, ultrasonic, and impeller-driven. Both impeller-driven and ultrasonic humidifiers basically create cool mists. The only difference between the two is the fact that the ultrasonic one is generally quiet, making use of waves for mist production, while the impeller makes use of a rotating disk that produces noise. The evaporative type of humidifiers sometimes called cool humidifiers, utilize a fan to evaporate water and produce cold air. Steam vaporizers produce warm mist through the use of an electric element.


For more information on the differences between purifiers and humidifiers, you can browse the internet. This way, you can figure out what you want and need the most.