Craftsman c3 impact driver review

With the modern technology, the use of Craftsman c3 impact driver is more frequent than other models. The reason is Craftsman’s has added some useful features to this driver that are greatly needed by many constructors, DIYer’s and the Handyman all over the city. This has made it very convenient as well as a comfortable tool to use in these days. An impact driver also speeds up a large construction task. The driver has a speed bit release pouch that does not need both hands. The new impact driver can be used in different ways depending on the drill as well as the size of the attachment. This flexibility and quality are what makes Craftsman cordless drills renowned.

The LED light around the wedge on this machine is very competent and consistent. The light stays on for about six seconds even after you have released the trigger. The other thing is a speed control. This flexible speed is a trigger-activated feature that many workers find it useful while dealing with projects that cannot handle large amounts of torque then a simple finessing will do its purpose very well. These are just a few things that you get to know even before get into Craftsman c3 impact driver review.

Other things that will make you love Craftsman c3 Impact driver

The lithium-ion battery provides too much life to this driver that you can sometimes forget that you are managing a cordless impact driver and not a corded one. The good thing about the battery is a die-hard as hail since it ensures nonstop use without recharging the drill until the job is done. This craftsman c3 has no load conditions since it works both ways very well, forward and reverses. Making it ideal for drilling or driving into different tools, as well as a great impact machine, it is impeccable for driving lengthy screws as well as lag bolts.

Craftsman C3 Impact Driver features

  • It has 3-speeds for better clip gear stick
  • It has 3- LED lights that take six seconds to switch off after releasing trigger. Hence, light up as the trigger is pulled then offers ample light while working in diffusely lit environments. The mid-handle is designed with over-mould to ensure stability and cosiness.
  • It has 1750 in-lb torque
  • 1/4 inch auto-loading wedge that changes bits in a one-handed blaze
  • Over-mould hold w/Micro apparent for an extra ergonomic feel

Final Verdict

We will found that C3 has a better battery life, well-adjusted and easy to use. The impact driver seems to have sufficient power constantly, although you can use any of a NiCd or Li-Ion battery pack depending on your first choice. The good thing about Craftsman is that they always produce high-quality machines as well as products. Then you can be sure that this cannot change soon since they want to remain competitive. You can buy this impact driver online and be at ease knowing that a powerful, top quality driver will be delivered to your front door or you can also choose to buy offline. The good thing is all of the Craftsman apparatuses are available from Sears.