Considerations Before Purchasing an MTB Helmet

1It is a known fact that mountain bike (MTB) helmets are important gears since they provide protection to the riders. That is one of the reasons why many countries have laws governing the use of helmets when cycling. Likewise, there are also some that ensure that the helmets are constructed according to safety standards.

MTB helmets come in different sizes, designs, colors, and types which make it very overwhelming for buyers once they go to a retail store or search online. Experienced bikers may not face such problem, but for beginning and intermediate riders, they most probably end up purchasing the wrong helmet. Hence, below, we have listed some of the most important things to consider before scouting for MTB helmets.


According to , budget is a consideration that people should always keep in mind. How much are you willing to spend on an MTB helmet? Having a specific budget can help individuals narrow down there choices immediately. That is because there are brands that are already known for being affordable and those that belong to the expensive price range. Thus, they will not be wasting time looking into a brand and then realize sooner that they cannot afford it.


When it comes to lifestyle, we are referring to how and when the mountain bike and helmet will be used. Are you someone who joins triathlons and downhill competitions? Or are you someone who just loves to ride the bike in the woods? Through such, riders will be able to stick to a particular type of helmets. For example, full-face helmets are more recommended for extreme sports while open-face ones can be used for neighborhood biking.

Manufacturing Company

The manufacturing company or the brand is always something that is very important not just for helmets but for all products in the market. Indeed, those that have a big name in the industry will mostly have the most expensive and highest quality helmets. However, there are new and emerging brands of helmets that provide good levels of protection. At times, they are even affordable.

In order to know whether a manufacturing company is worth considering, reading customer testimonials and product reviews will always be the best way. In addition, those that offer warranties and guarantees are also worthy enough.

Features of the Helmet

Once bikers already have an idea of the type and price of the helmet that they need and want, they should start comparing at least three brands and models. That will make sure that they will buy the one that really meets their lifestyle. Such can be made possible by looking into some basic features.

First is the durability of the shell. Second is the level of thickness of the padding, which is important for comfort. Third is the presence of adjustable parts like the chin straps and visors. Fourth is the number and placement of holes which are responsible for ventilation.

Final Words

Buying an MTB helmet for the sake of having one is never enough. Bikers should always make sure that they purchase one that can last them a long time.