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MiClassic 2-in-1 Bassinet Review

MiClassic 2-in-1 Bassinet Review

Certain features are standard of a good bassinet. Unarguably, a good bassinet should be safe, wash friendly and quick dry, have a good quality mattress, light shade canopy, locked wheels and brakes, additional storage options for baby gear and should be built strong. Fold up feature The particular bassinet has the attractive feature of folding up. It folds up effortlessly to fit into the travel bag that is inclusive of the set. The open and fold mechanism makes it great for traveling as well as storage. Comfort In the middle of the bassinet is a crease where it folds. A…


Small Travel Cribs an the what you need to know before buying

Many people do not understand why they should get a travel crib. Not only is a travel crib a good companion during your travels but is also very valuable when you think about the times you have to move around the house with your baby while being busy with other activities. Small travel cribs have a lot of benefits and that is the reason a lot of people prefer to use them instead of the full-size cribs. Baby travel chronicles This article will give you an idea about the benefits of Small travel cribs and what you need to know…

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