Can beard oil help beard growth

There are lots of reasons why you would want to grow a hefty, strong beard. It accentuates your jawline and it makes you look like you know what you’re doing. More people just so happen to gravitate to you when you have a thick beard. Maybe, none of that really matters. What matters is that you are looking to have a healthy mane around your face. Wondering if beard oil can help beard growth, you decide to see if beard oil can be the answer for you.

Highly Sensitive

First, let’s ask the difficult question. How come other men can grow these thick beards but I can’t. The answer is simple: blame Mom and Dad. Yes, seriously, it’s their fault: more on that later. Some men are more sensitive to testosterone while others are not. Men who are more sensitive to testosterone are able to grow these thick, long beards while you are stuck with a baby-face. What causes some men to have sensitivity to testosterone than you? The answer is simply genetics. Now, you can blame Mom and Dad for this cause but before you do, you can find a solution.

Vitamin E

If you are having trouble growing your beard, you need to take some time to understand your body and how it works. One of the best ways to obtain that full mane is use Vitamin E. This vitamin is best for hair health that is usually found in fats and oils. You can find Vitamin E (especially in concentrated form) in oils. Most beard oils use this in order to get your beard growing right away. Before you can use Vitamin E to get that beard growing the way that you want, be sure to stay away from coconut or babasu oil: these oils are refined meaning you wouldn’t be getting the potent form of Vitamin E that you need to accelerate your beard growth.

Avoiding That Itch

One thing that beard oil is great at doing is making sure you grow your beard without having the feel the need to shave it off. Your face will itch after you shave it and you are going to want to shave that beard off as quickly as you want to. What you would want to do is to avoid that completely by putting beard oil on your face. It will definitely help to lessen that itch.

Grow That Beard

Growing a beard is just easy for some people but that’s because they are cheating because of their genetics. Others have to work hard in order to maintain the beard that they want. That’s why there’s beard oil help those of us who are not testosterone-sensitive. Even with you are sensitive to testosterone, there are methods that you have to look out for: patchy areas when you are growing your beard. Having beard oil comes in handy when you are growing your full-on lion mane and it just happens to feel itchy or patchy as in unfinished. Either you want to grow out your beard in an even direction or you just want a beard, period: beard oil can be your best friend