Best Headphones to Protect Babies from Noise

Babies are fragile and soft and must be protected from anything that may cause harm. Although careful, there are other elements around that cannot be controlled. Some noises that are bearable to the adult ear may be harmful to the baby’s ears. Children’s ears are sensitive, especially when they’re still developing. An advisable way to protect little children’s ears from startling noises of the environment is to make the room soundproof. In cases of going out the house, the best choice to protect the little ones from harmful levels of noise is to invest in noise cancelling headphones. Here’s why these headphones are great for babies:


Protects Babies’ Ears

Babies’ ears are much more sensitive than that of an adult. Babies can hear much better than adults, making them more prone to getting ear damage. Noise cancelling headphones for babies are specifically designed to prevent excessive noise and potential auditory impairment to the child. Additionally, children tend to get uneasy when exposed to loud environments, which makes the headphones an effective tool to ease the child.

Encourages Focus

Without the unnecessary noise and distraction around, the child will be able to learn and develop more. These headphones are great for children with low attention span to fix their focus on a subject. These are also great for children with certain disorders that make them very sensitive to noises which over stimulates them and which may cause problems.


There is no need to stay in a soundproof room more than the time needed to be inside. Noise cancelling earphones are light and easy to carry around in case of startling noises.

There are many headphones in the market to choose from, and here are the great noise cancelling headphones for kids on the top list:

Pro Ears ReVO

Pro Ears ReVO has an impressive noise reduction feature that it is even used in concerts children, warding off the noise that is harmful for the kids. It is ruggedly constructed and has an adjustable headband, making it easy to adjust to fit most children. It has a noise reduction rating of 25.

EM’s for Bubs

This earmuff is uniquely made for infants. A newborn’s skin is sensitive, and their skull is still soft, so it is only expected for the earmuffs to be made from safe materials. Instead of using plastic for the headbands, EM’s for Bubs uses a soft fabric that can be adjusted for a snug fit.

BEBE Muff Hearing Baby Ear Protection

This is also a top choice for parents with babies from ages 3 months to 2 years. It is perfect for both boys and girls for its unisex design. It also has an adjustable headband.

3M Peltor Junior Earmuff Baby Headphones

This headphone has a noise reduction of 22, but for the right reason. Not only does it reduce the level of noise around, but it also lets the child listen to what’s happening if need be. The headphone fits perfect for small children, but it also works great for older children.

Baby Banz Baby Infant Hearing Protection

The Baby Banz earmuffs are known for its noise cancelling performance. It has a noise cancelling rating of a staggering 31 dB, meaning it can block noise much better than the other earmuffs. There is also a version for the earmuff that can be connected via Bluetooth to play soothing music, making this earmuff more unique.