Awesome Things You Should Know about Sewing

Sewing has been practiced for quite a number of years before, where back then it was used to sew simple clothes. These were mostly done by mothers and young ladies who wanted to sow clothes to keep warm or blankets. Back then sewing was done using simple needles, unlike the present day where sewing is done using sewing machines.


Sewing using a needle and your bare hands even though a simple task is quite important you need to learn. This is because most often than not, our clothes have loose buttons or even we have a shirt that needs a quick fix. This is mostly noticed in the mornings when you cannot get to a tailor to fix it for you.

There are great books on sewing for beginners out there that will guide you to master the art of sewing by hand. Using a quality needle and the skills you have learned, sewing will be a craft you have in your fingerprints.

Sewing is a craft that is done with a number of instruments that is if you do not have a sewing machine. You will need quality sharp needles that can glide through the fabric of your clothes without damaging them.

Other quite important equipment include a pair of scissors, quality thread, and a seam ripper. Thereafter, you will have to snip a thread through the eye of the needle and then tie the ends in a knot to prevent it from slipping through the cloth while you sew.

From here you can practice various stitches with your needle while following the instructions from the sewing book for beginners. A good beginner’s sewing guide will take you through the processes in a gradual yet quality way that will help you develop your sewing skills.

You can then practice different types of stitches; such as the running stitch, the backstitch and even get to know how to replace a missing button from your shirt. You will realize that this sewing is done through a series of repeated steps and only the beginning or the end of the process differ.

Even though you might have learned a number of sewing skills, it is important not to try it on some types of clothes such as an outdoor gear. You should also avoid trying your sewing on very expensive suits or even a leather jacket. These are quite sensitive clothing that you might just be putting at risk when trying your variety of sewing techniques on them.

You will find sewing by hand quite fan as there are indefinite varieties of patterns you can sew using a quality needle. You can even add some beautiful patterns on household items like pillows and mats.

You will realize that getting to know how to sew buttons back on clothes and making simple clothes repairs is the first step towards mastering the art of sewing. You can then get practice other sewing designs until you even become a pro such that you do not need a tailor for simple cloth fixes every now and then.