Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Good

With specialized gold shoes, you are surely going to spend hours on the golf course without any discomfort. However, you will find different types of shoes, either as spikeless or spike and each of them will have a varying effect on your game. Choosing the right one will, therefore, determine how resultative or enjoyable your game will be. You will notice the difference easily between the two types; the spiked golfing shoes have cleats on the outer sole while the spikeless shoes have flat outer soles with dimples instead of cleats.

A while ago, the difference between the spiked and spikeless shoes was fairly large, so the number spikeless only accounted for around 10% of total sales of gold shoes. Today, however, the last few years, spikeless has accounted to almost half the total sales. So many people have been wondering are spikeless golf shoes good?


When you hit the market, you won’t find a debate on which one is superior in terms of comfort. Spikeless golf shoes are more comfortable thanks to their casual design. They also don’t have large spikes on the bottom of the sole which basically makes it possible for the golfer to walk in easily. Spikeless golf shoes are also lighter, which also aids in their comfort.


When you are choosing golf shoes, you need to factor in where you plan and how often you will be walking during a round of golf. Also, you need to consider whether you will be wearing your shoes off the course. One of the biggest reasons most golfers choose spikeless golf shoes is their versatility. Since they do not have spikes on the outer sole; they are easier for golfers to wear the shoes off the golf course. So, when going to golf, you don’t have to carry two pairs of shoes.


If you are not looking for comfort or versatility on gold shows, then you definitely must consider the grip and traction. Earlier, spiked golf shoes had more traction as compared to spikeless. However, the recent spikeless designs have proper and better traction. They have better stability allowing the golfer to have an awesome golfing experience.


Spikeless golf shoes are not as durable as spiked golf shoes. In spiked shoes, when the spikes get worn out, they are replaced with others. However, in spikeless shoes when the sole gets worn out, you have no option but to purchase a new one.

So are they really good? Well, if you are looking for comfort, versatility, and better grip, then spikeless gold shoes are your best bet. Today, however, you can get away with most spiked gold shoes, but you won’t go wrong with spikeless shoes. The only thing to remember is that some golf club may require you to have a specific type, but this has nothing to do with how good or not a shoe is; they are probably trying to avoid more tear on the grass. This should not, however, prevent you from getting a shoe that will make your game comfortable, should they?