Anker PowerCore: The Leading Power Bank of 2019

It is important to take note that each power banks in the market differ in size, charging capacity, voltage, portability, and pricing. Hence, you have to consider these factors before deciding to buy such an item. Likewise, it best to read first product reviews to determine the specs and technical details of the item to ensure it is suitable for your needs.


One of the leading power bank review sources online is the This informative website has all the info you must learn about portable chargers. Also, right on this source, you’ll get to access guidelines and tips on how to find the best portable power banks.

One of the most popular power bank brands in the market today is Anker PowerCore. This manufacturer is well-known for producing portable chargers with impressive durability and performance. And, it is one of the top-rated brands as well this year. You can read product reviews about this item through the Power Your Gadget.

For sure, you are curious to know the aspects of Anker PowerCore. To help you find out more regarding this brand, below are the top-selling models of Anker PowerCore with a short summary of its product details.

#1 The Anker PowerCore+ Mini Power Bank

If you are searching for a portable and slim-sized portable charger, then the Anker PowerCore+ Mini power bank is the best option for you.

The slim size of this item, as well as its lightweight feature, is perfect for frequent travelers. It can provide enough power to recharge gadgets all throughout the trip. Despite the small size of the item, this product is incredibly powerful with a 3,350mAh charging capacity. You can fully charge one or two phones using this power bank.

The Anker PowerCore+ mini portable charger is also popular for its high-speed charging. It has built-in PowerIQ charging technology which is the reason behind its impressive charging ability. This product also has one charging port since it is only used for emergency charging.

Individuals who can benefit more from this item are travelers and students.

#2 The Anker PowerCore 20100

Here is another portable charger from Anker PowerCore that you’ll surely love, the 20100 version.

The Anker PowerCore 20100 is not an exception when it comes to excellent ratings and customer feedback. Customers love this item due to its fast-charging ability which can recharge a phone in less than two hours from 30% to 100%. This power bank is a great backup for smartphones and tablets. It is built with lithium polymer batteries to provide extra power when the device’s battery drains out.

This model features 10,000mAh charging capacity which is more than enough to charge a phone and a tablet.

Customers also prefer this item because of its durability. The casing of this product is made out of premium materials to create a tough exterior that is resistant to damage. It also has a slim build and lightweight to provide convenience when traveling.

No doubt, Anker PowerCore is one of the best power banks today. If you want to find out more details regarding the above items, check it out here at Power Your Gadget.