About Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment in the workplace is now in the spotlight, with numerous Hollywood actresses coming out and sharing their horror stories experienced on movie sets and in the offices of producers and directors. However, sexual harassment at work doesn’t just take place in Hollywood; unfortunately, this is a widely spread phenomenon taking place even in the biggest companies around the world and you need to learn more about it. The even bigger problem is that a lot of people don’t know how to recognize sexual harassment at work and even though they have colleagues who make them feel uncomfortable in all sorts of situations, these people are unaware of the fact that these situations count as sexual harassment. If you are wondering what are examples of sexual harassment, we are more than happy to share a few with you.


  • Making sexual gestures, displaying sexually suggestive objects, such as posters, computer screens, calendars, pictures.
  • Sexually explicit jokes
  • Unnecessary touching, unnecessary patting, brushing against another person’s body ‘’unintentionally’’ but obviously on purpose.
  • Sexual nature remarks regarding a person’s clothing or body
  • Staring at a person’s body, up and down
  • Inappropriate kissing
  • Making insulting comments, even comments regarding a person’s gender or sexual orientation
  • Repeatedly asking for a date, in spite of the fact that the person has already refused the date several times
  • Following a person around.

These are just a few examples of sexual harassment but what you need to understand is the fact that the list is actually much longer. Regardless of what a colleague is doing to you, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, please don’t suffer in silence. There are options at your disposal, such as addressing the issue with a team lead, a manager or even the HR department. If they don’t seem to take the situation too seriously, then move on to the next option: contact a law firm. Law firms such as Walker Law have professionals who have the knowledge, the experience and the determination to help you. The law protects you; all you have to do is to make the problem known and there will be plenty of professionals ready to offer a helping hand.

Even though we don’t have any official numbers around sexual harassment, there is one thing we know for sure: they are high and getting higher with each year that passes. This is worrying but it also shows that people are becoming more aware of what is happening to them and more aware of the fact that they have ways in which they can react. The law is very clear and it is strict and the way in which you can put it into application is by discussing with an attorney. As mentioned above, there are professionals such as the experts at Walker Law who are more than happy and willing to help. Please contact them and they will know how to make things easier for you. They already have the necessary experience to resolve the situation, regardless of how complicated it is.