A Comprehensive P-Line Floroclear Review

Fishing is done as a profession, as an amateur, and for fun during your leisure time. There are also many methods that people use for fishing, but the most popular one is using a hook and a fishing line. There are also diverse fishing lines available in the market, and this is one of the most distinguished ones. It has been professionally designed to facilitate fishing greatly: in all aspects.

About this fishing line

This is a solid P-Line Floroclear review that will feed you with the necessary information about this line. It is ideal for moving, rushing, and flowing waters, not to mention that it is also fit for silent waters.

Its weight and transparency

Most fishing lines are light and they do not sink. P-line has a Floroclear construction that enables it to have copolymer core, not to mention a fluorocarbon coating. Its main advantage is to give the fishing line a faint visibility and to increase its weight so that it can sink. Its design has some merits like making it better and more reliable than other fluorocarbon lines. They have the ability to sink and transparent – they even sink in deeper waters.

Snags and Tangles

When this fishing line is spooled out or reeled in, it retains its shape, and it comes off the pole still straight. It eliminates the hassles of getting knots, and you can spool it much faster. It is also resistant to abrasions and it has high knot strength. To top it all, it is durable and not prone to breakages.

Casting of P-Line

This fishing line has a narrow line that measures just 18mm in diameter: which is considered a bit thin for a 4 pound line. It makes it harder to cast this line into the water due to its hardness. It is not easy to loop so that you can cast it to the exact position that you want in the water.

Large fish

Its durability is compromised by fishing in waters that have large fish. Though this line is labeled as a 4 pounds line, its performance and durability are equal to a 2 pounds line. It is ideal for small and medium fish but not the large ones. Large fish cause breakages and they will make you to lose your line.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear are common mostly when you are engaging in heavy game fishing. If you use this line in catching heavy fish, the line will fry quickly. Most lines are monofilament because they are cheap to produce. Some of them are coloured and they also have their advantages because there are fish that look for coloured lines.

Shock value

This is ideal for fish that do not have a high fighting ability. They are usually small and a few medium size fish, but in case of big ones, you require a firm tug. It is not durable when the shock value is too much.

P-Line Floroclear is ideal for mid-level and recreational fishing. However, it has some setbacks, but it has beaten most fishing lines in the market.